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More detail about our law firm and its business. Our strongest points: good local history, strong qualifications, much experience, accumulated wisdom, commitment for client’s best interests, continuous drive to improve.

Our mission is to provide effective and quiet professional services to allow planned continuous asset control and planned asset transfer for families in Minnesota.

We combine the professional experience and vision of the founders and predecessor lawyers with the focus, energy, continuing commitment and training of the newer lawyers and key employees.

We do not aspire to be the highest paid lawyers, but we aspire to be the best we can be for our clients and to provide for the financial security of our families.

History of the Firm and Predecessors

Walter J. Wheeler (1900-1996), Attorney at Law, a solo law practice, a predecessor firm (circa 1968-1976) (He having retired in 1968 as a founding partner from the Wheeler & Fredriksen law firm (circa 1949 – 1968) but continuing in practice with a few special estate planning and trust clients) Offices were in the Dain Tower, the Thorpe Building and the Northwestern National Bank Building in Minneapolis.

Wheeler & Wheeler, Attorneys at Law, a general partnership, consisting of Walter J. Wheeler and his son Walter Thomas Wheeler, a predecessor firm (circa 1976-1985). The firm motto, with a smile, was: “Wheeler and Wheeler, father and son, two opinions for the price of one.” Offices were in the Northwestern National Bank Building, the Marquette Building and the Baker Building at 706 Second Avenue South. The Northwestern National Bank Building was destroyed by fire on Thanksgiving day 1982 a few months after the firm had moved into the Marquette Building. The Marquette Building was demolished for redevelopment in the 1990s after the firm moved to the Baker Building.

Wallace E. Erickson (1923-2004), Attorney at Law, a predecessor of counsel firm, (circa 1983-1986) Mr. Erickson then as a retired Vice President of Northwestern National Bank of Minneapolis (Trust Department).

Erickson & Ziegler, Attorneys at Law, a predecessor of counsel firm (circa 1986-1994) consisting of Wallace E. Erickson, Esq. and Richard S. Ziegler, Esq. (Mr. Ziegler then former senior counsel and head of the estate planning department of what was then Moss Barnett law firm as a result of the merger of the “Moss, Flaherty & Clarkson” and “Barnett, Ratelle & Hennesy” law firms)

Erickson, Ziegler & Wheeler, PLLP a predecessor firm (circa 1994-1996) created after the disability and retirement of Walter J. Wheeler and consisting of Wallace E. Erickson, Richard S. Ziegler and Walter Thomas Wheeler, then as a former Vice President and Trust Administrative Unit Manager of Norwest Bank Minnesota)

Wallace E. Erickson, Attorney at Law, a predecessor firm, (circa 1996-2001)

Ziegler & Wheeler PLLP a predecessor firm, (circa 1996-1997)

Ziegler, Wheeler & Searles PLLP a predecessor firm, (circa 1997-1998)

Caldecott, Wheeler, Searles, Daniels, Forro, Koepke & Ascher, PLC , a prior affiliate, created by merger with two other dissimilar small firms and culminating in a planned dissolution at lease expiration (circa 1998-2000). Mr. Ziegler retired in 1999.

Caldecott, Wheeler & Searles, PLC, by change of name of its predecessor firm (circa 2000-2001) Discontinued active practice in 2001.

Erickson Wheeler & Searles, PLC , a newly created PLC by merger of estate planning practices of Messrs. Wheeler, Searles and Erickson. (2001-2004). Mr. Erickson discontinued active day-to-day involvement in office matters in August 2002. Mr. Erickson retired his license to practice law in December 2003. Mr. Searles withdrew from the firm in April, 2004. Mr. Erickson died in December 2004. In November 2004 the firm relocated to its current location in Edina, Minnesota. Mr. Wheeler and others continued the firm’s activities through the end of 2006.

Erickson, Wheeler & Associates, PLC, by change of name of the predecessor (2004-2006). Discontinued active practice of law December 31, 2006.

Wheeler & Engelhart, P.A., a Minnesota professional association created in recognition of Robert G. Engelhart III, as servicing attorney on future matters. [Established 2006, activated in 2007, continuing in 2014]


November, 2007

Marco Island, Florida

“Dear Mr. Wheeler:

I want to send my personal thank you for all your efforts to preserve the estate of the (name deleted) family and the care, consideration and compassion you have shown my mother. You are truly a gentlemen of fine character. It was great meeting you in person.

To all those who work with you please pass on my thank you for the professionalism your firm has demonstrated.
I look forward to our continued association and friendship.


(name deleted)”


April 2, 2008

Deephaven, Minnesota

“Dear Tom,

Thank you for helping me to put important documents together.

I enjoyed working with you.


(name deleted)”


Bloomington, Minnesota

Spring, 2008

“Rob and Tom,

Thank you so much for your services — I feel (husband’s name) has the best legal team available to him.

(wife’s name deleted)”


Monday, September 29, 2008

Bemidji, Minnesota

“Mr. Wheeler,

We thank you for your kind, professional attention to our financial and estate planning concerns.

If you should pass through our area, give us a call.

We will keep your card for referring your services.

(names of husband and wife deleted)”


We are very pleased to announce that Benjamin C. Boline has joined the law firm as an Associate Attorney effective November 14, 2008.

Ben is a 2008 graduate of the University of St. Thomas School of Law and was admitted to the bar in Minnesota on October 31, 2008. He is a graduate of Eden Prairie High School.

He will focus on estate planning for new clients and servicing relationships with existing clients.

Please join us in welcoming Ben to our law firm.

His email address is: Ben.Boline@welawmn.com

We are pleased to announce that Staci Johnson has joined this law firm as an Associate Attorney starting October 2009. She is a 2009 graduate of the University of St. Thomas School of Law and was admitted to the bar in Minnesota on October 30, 2009.

Her email address is: Staci.Johnson@welawmn.com

Please join us in welcoming her to our law firm.